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Residential, commercial & RV carpet  cleaning. Our powerful cleaning equipment has your carpets dry in 4 to 6 hours.  From Living rooms to family rooms and more.  In some cases, pet stains or strong odors may require carpet & pad replacement. 

Facts & Fiction


.....Truck mounted carpet cleaning extraction systems leave carpets wet for days.  FALSE - The carpets are damp NOT wet and dry in 4 - 6 hrs.  Time of year, air circulation and temperature are factors.

The cleaning  left a carpet residue and they got dirty faster.  FALSE - Our quality equipment has a metering system that regulates the proper mix of "Rinse" to insure against soapy residue after cleaning carpet.  Carpets do not get dirty faster after cleaning.

Our small portable unit does "just as good a job" cleaning our carpeting -FALSE - Portable units have a less powerful vacuum system and they leave more dirty water in the carpeting.  To add, less water is used to clean rooms and that leaves the carpeting less clean.  Finally, the products that one uses are of a "consumer general purpose" type and may not be the best or most appropriate for your carpets.  

 Our carpeting was loose after the carpets were cleaned.  Yes this does occur, however, carpet backing expands and it returns to its original stretch.

Stains & Spots


Our carpet cleaning business is widely referred from our customers to others from our large customer base built over the last 19 years.  Thank you Central Oregon!  Our technicians are equipped with a wide assortment of products to remove stains and spots from carpet.  The common carpet stains we treat are, coffee, food, oils, grease, paint, wine, sap, gum & others.  Pet stains and odors are another area we pay special attention too.  Pet stains and odors may be difficult to fully remove. Odors in pads may need carpet and pad replacement when an industry standard is 20% of the rooms area OR odors that are too strong in the area of the room.      


Quality control


The carpet cleaning results are important to you and we understand that, we make the efforts to apply only the best techniques, apply the correct products and use professional equipment to get your carpets the best they can be!  Areas served are Bend & Sunriver Oregon.  

Locations Served        Bend, LaPine & Sunriver - Apartments, duplexes, homes, town homes, commercial offices and more!  We also provide services to Sunriver homes, rentals and vacation rentals.

Mission Statement


Our services promise you that we will deliver a thorough carpet cleaning. We will use industry approved techniques, apply products responsibly, have professional tools, and complete the work timely. As professional carpet cleaners, we offer carpet cleaning coupons. As a business website online with specials, coupons, and good prices we hope to hear from you. Our hot water extraction cleaning system ranks very high among cleaning systems.
*Emergency services are referred to a local Independent disaster & restoration company.
Carpet Cleaning also includes commercial carpet care, residential carpet cleaning, office carpet cleaners.