After Care

  • Be sure to allow the carpets to thoroughly dry prior to moving the furniture back. The technician will leave some tabs on request for the furniture legs where they come in contact with the carpet.
  • Drying time varies from temperature, humidity, circulation and time of year. Usually carpets are damp 4 to 6 hours and sometimes more.
  • Limit travel from inside to outside because of tracking.
  • Transition points from tile to carpet for example can be slippery, laying towels down on the tile, wood or vinyl flooring may be needed for a couple hours.
  • Try to keep pets off the carpets for a time if they are shedding, going in and out or dirty paws.
  • *Cleaning marks from tools used disappear in a short while.
  • Heavy soiling, embedded soiling occurs from deferred maintennance, tracking dirt and oils.  These dark dark areas may re-occur or "wick" when the carpeting dries after services were provided.  They can sometimes be addressed the second time for full removal. A small damp white cloth gently wiped can remove most wicked spots.