Carpet Cleaning

Residential Cleaning - 3 Systems to Clean your Carpets - Deep Clean Rotary - Wand Extraction - Low Moisture Bonnett 

See our deep cleaning video here! Harris and Sons Carpet Cleaning is your best choice for all your residential carpet cleaning needs. We focus on your carpets needs and your service requests.  One of the most over looked factors with cleaning services is the time-spent actually cleaning your carpets. Our services typically take about 15-20 and more minutes per average room.

Our carpet cleaning process

  1. Pre-inspection
  2. Pre-spray emulsifier
  3. Agitate fiber where needed
  4. Extraction tool (wand or rotary extractor)
  5. Hot water rinse
  6. Carpet groomer tool
  7. Multi fan dry
  8. Set up wall corner guards

 Additional services

  1. Vacuuming areas & baseboards
  2. Air-filtration lines
  3. Stain spotting
  4. Post vacuuming

These steps can be modified at the customer's request or for the carpets additional needs.

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial and office carpet cleaning requires a similar process to residential cleaning, however, the major most obvious difference is the increased soiling and grease buildup from foot traffic. This process is to use the appropriate products, increased fiber agitation, clean at lower pressure and speed-dry the areas more. Other products may be needed for post-spotting to address heavy oils, grease, foods, and other oil based stains and spots.

Commercial & Office Carpet Cleaning Process

  1. Pre-inspection
  2. Pre-spotting
  3. Pre-spray emulsifier (commercial carpet products)
  4. Extraction too
  5. Hot water rinse
  6. Post spotting
  7. Multi- fan drying