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   Click this link for carpet cleaning maintennance.          Ehow                           There are several factors to consider when having your carpets cleaned.  Knowing these factors can make a big difference with whom you select and the quality of services that you end with.  The experience of the technician is very important.  The next criterion is the equipment the company has  The final factor to consider are chemical selections dependent on how much dirt there is, type of carpets and additional spot removal if any.  Very dirty carpet sometimes requires a better, more thorough process. Pictured here is a rotary extraction tool. The tool significantly does a better job than a carpet wand. This tool is very good at removing dirt and heavily soiled areas. This equipment has a powerful suction to avoid "overwetting" and saturating dirty water into the carpet. To see more of this tool in action, see this video.

Residential carpet cleaning has a select few steps to get your carpets clean and fresh.  Depending on your needs, the steps are taken to ensure a quality result.  Applying the methods correctly can also save you dollars when times are shortened for services.

Wool Carpeting is a natural fiber.  There are certain restrictions to cleaning wool. Do not over scrub, over wet, mix chemicals or use the wrong products on spots and stains.  Never leave any chemical permanently on the wool, it must be rinsed.  Permanant fiber discoloration is very likely when cleaning methods are not followed.