How long does it take our carpets to dry ?
Depending on the weather, temperature, humidity and air circulation, anywhere from 3 - 6 hours. DO NOT place wood furniture on damp carpet!

How much does it cost ?
See our pricing guide. There are too many variables to provide an accurate quote. We always need to see the carpet for an accurate estimate. Phone estimates are available at no charge.

Will all of our pet odors go away ?
It is not a single answer for all situations. Most odors do go away, however, depending on several factors some odors can only be removed by replacing the carpets and the pad.

What type of equipment do you have ?
We have a late model truck, and a mounted hot water extraction machine.

Do you warranty your services ?
Yes, we offer a 7 day warranty on our carpet cleaning services. No warranty or guarantee is offered regarding pet odors, urine stains or spotting damage. 

Can I call some of your past customers for a reference ?
Yes, we can provide you with recent customers for you to call and to answer questions about our services.

Why not rent a portable machine to clean our carpets ?
These types of small machines should be used sparingly. They typically overwet and under rinse.  Also, the vacuum strength is weak and it does not fully capture  how much water is applied.  Consequently the dirty water is left in the carpet and pad.  

What about upholstery ?
Upholstery cleaning is cureently not offered.

Do I need to move our furniture ?
If you like we can help you move the small items. In most cases the largest furniture pieces can remain in place.

How long does the service take to clean our carpets ?
Smaller jobs are 1-1.5 hours and larger jobs are 2 hours and up.

Are your carpet cleaner technicians skilled at cleaning ?
Yes, we are trained and certified. We do keep up with our required education and we are always learning from the jobs we complete everyday.

Our carpeting is loose and wavy from cleaning, why?  Older carpeting and loosely stretched sometimes gets exagerated from the hot water, it does go back to its original "stretch" after a couple days.

Do we need to be concerned with your products around children & pets?  No, our products are applied properly and are very safe.

The carpet cleaner did not get some spots out and they returned, why?    This does occur on occasion, some spots can be deeper than the machine or the technician can extract.  A second cleaning usually can remove deeper spots. Follow up services are available with a minimum charge in some cases.

I have some stains in my carpet, what do you reccomend that I use?  There is no single product that removes all stains.  Stains are removed with specific PH level ingredients that addresses that stain.  Combining stain removers on top of the original stain changes the stains "chemistry"  which may lead to the stain being permenant. Use caution where needed.