Stains and Odors


Pet stains are the yellowing of the carpet from the urine. Pet odors is the smell in the carpet, pad, wood or concrete floor. A standard cleaning of carpets will not remove the odor, in fact, it may intensiify the odors short term.

There are many variables regarding pet stains and odors. The animal: Cat, dog, the time the stain has been there, the amount of urine in the area, their diet, products applied to the area & more.

The products used must come into contact with the urine, or it will not totally be removed. The steps involved in minimizing (not always 100% successful) is available with our services. Under some conditions of contamination, an additional 2nd service is sometimes needed to solve the odor problem.

We are very successful in most cases of treating the pet stains and odors. *Sometimes the job requires carpet replacement and complete pad removal and treatment of the flooring and a sealer. Pet odors may also originate from dander in the carpet pile.

Learn that the proper techniques and tools will take care of this. Spots and Stain Removal Stain removal is for stains that are stubborn or ones that cannot be removed with the pre-spray products. Each stain has a specific product to address that spot. Spotting products are then used to remove the spot.

Not all spots are fully removed each and every time because the spots could have been worked on with other products with a left residue, or the spot has been there for an extended amount of time, or it may be a spot that does not come out at all. Common spots that are removed in most cases are: blood, coffee, grease, gum, ink, oils, paint, red drinks, rust, wax & wine.