Service pricing can be made into 3 standard categories with some exceptions. The exceptions would be unique situations considered on a job by job basis. These are general service guidelines and subject to many variables. Helping to know your individual needs & carpet conditions provides a more accurate estimate. Best Pricing Single story, Bend area, carpets cleaned professionally less than 1.5 yrs ago, darker colored carpeting, clean in appearance, very few stains, no pet stains or spots, no vacuuming services, 350-699 SF range Medium Pricing 2 story, Bend area & Sunriver, carpets cleaned profesionally 2-3 yrs ago, medium colored carpeting, not heavily soiled but dirty, some stains in areas, some small pet stains, including vacuuming areas, 700-1000 SF range Premium Pricing 2 story & tri-level homes, carpets very soiled showing traffic areas, not ever cleaned or rarely cleaned, light colored carpeting to white, multiple staining, pet stains & odors, complete vacuuming with baseboards, over 1000 SF. Restorative This cleaning level is for bringing back carpets that have been in rental units, old carpeting 8+yrs, damaged carpeting, wanting to make the carpeting look better but not having it replaced.