RV Carpet Cleaning

<p>Schedule an appointment and we will set up to clean your RV in your driveway. Recreational vehicles includes motor homes and trailers. We have specific tools to clean your RV and can reach those &quot;hard to get too&quot; areas. Our powerful 2&quot; vacuum hose does a great job underneath seating, behind sofa&#39;s and along the trimmed edges. Our strong two motor vacuum cleaner prepares your RV carpets for a thorough cleaning. <img id="standr_img" src="sites/default/files/med_RV_001.jpg" /> <b id="b_text">Steps To Clean</b></p>
<li>pre inspection - go over what you want, discuss services</li>
<li>estimate for services</li>
<li>set-up equipment</li>
<li>vacuum carpets and edges</li>
<li>pre-spray emulsyfier</li>
<li>agitate carpeting to work in spray</li>
<li>wand tool, edge tool and/or stair tools</li>
<li>hot water rinse</li>
<li>fan dry</li>
<li>post spotting for tough stains</li>
<p><img id="standr_img" src="sites/default/files/med_RV_002.jpg" /> <a href="warranty">10 day warranty</a></p>